About the company

The “Sommelier of Beer Traditions” Company is a leading importer of premium beers from Europe and the USA in the Russian market.

Our company is the exclusive importer of the world famous breweries. The key arguments when choosing beer brands are quality, natural ingredients and long history of breweries.

Today our portfolio is one of the most attractive for the Russian market, as it includes the full representation of existing beer styles, as well as most countries that traditionally produce beer. Such a wide variety and a rich assortment allows to satisfy needs of the pickiest consumer.

With the support of the breweries, we are pleased to provide you with high-quality service and the most interesting conditions for the current beer market.

Our company has extensive experience in the Russian beer market, as well as a young and energetic team of professionals.

The primary objective of our company is to provide beer lovers with the best examples of the art of brewing from around the world.